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"She didn’t find it a breeze at all. She was challenged, and at times she found it tough, but she had courage and determination. What emerged was an actress of imagination and real instinct."- Annie Tyson on Emilia Clarke.

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420 blaze it happy Easter everyone

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am i the only one i know, waging wars behind my face and above my throat

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post/83211959035: I haven't seen the ep yet. Is this canon or your correction? I'm not nuts about them fronting this as a romance tbh. I never saw anything remotely romantic between them in the books. The nature of their bond being based on a profound understanding of mutual honour and honour redeemed seems so significant to me that I actually find romantic interpretations distasteful. What do you think?

The screencaps have the dialogue changed but they did confront it as a romance in the most recent episode. And I haven’t read the books so idk what the characters are like in the books compared to the show but i really liked their dynamic last season and i quite enjoy them just being buddies and getting along but tbh i wouldn’t mind if they got together

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ten and rose + rainbow (for psychicpurplewindmill)

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