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Natalie Dormer’s Favorite ‘First’?

one of the cool perks of my job is that sometimes now i get recognized and i can skip queues at restaurants. I think the first time i got to skip a restaurant line was last year when i went out for brunch in New York.


Parks and Recreation S03E16 | You can’t die full of regret.

 What about you and Stark? How do I know you two haven’t been fondue-ing?

you’re either the butcher or the cattle.

Mindy Kaling’s Vegas Surprise [x]

Sam & Caitriona + photoshoots

catching up on bbau and omg ryan and sandra just topped my hate list.

lmao like skye said ‘fine dont talk to me’ and ryan called her immature 5 minutes late sandra says ‘im just not gonna talk to her’ ????????

like i really hope skye wins this thing

you made it | thank you 

Two pilots engaged in Neural Bridge. Ready to activate the Jaeger in 3, 2, 1…